Used Car Sales 

In Grid Motors we love cars, more reason we have been in the business of Automotive Troubleshooting and Electronic Diagnostics and other car-related activities for over 12 years now. Here we work as a family, and in a family setting, reputation matters a lot, so we work collectively to satisfy every customer that comes bythus, making sure that all their car needs are met. Unlike most of our competitors, we are focused on making sure that our customer’s investments are safe. To exemplify our promise of keeping customer’s car purchase safe, we have designed a well-structured showroom where customers can look around and make their best choice of cars and also see what our services looks like. 

Vehicle Diagnostics (Electronic/Electrical) 

Our workshops are one of the best in the world, we have a well equipped modern workshop stocked with the most modern vehicle repair tools that facilitates the speedy repair of every car that comes into the workshop. This further shows that in Grid Motors, you dont just sell cars, we take care of them. With these tools, we conduct both electronic and electric tests on the suppose car before it can be certified fit for purchase or use. We employ the use of our special software, and other vehicle diagnostic tools to perform this action, that way it will out rightly point out to the problem of the car (if there is any). 

Before the car diagnostic method came into existence, it usually takes a whole lot of time for one to dictate the fault in a car; you have to go through a rigorous process of uncoupling major parts in the car to ascertain the workability of that section of the car engine. This method is not just tedious, it is also expensive, and time-consuming. Now with our modern computerized vehicle diagnosis equipment in place, we help you perform a complete car diagnosis in no time and in the most convenient way. 

No Start Diagnostics 

A No Start Diagnosis is a common fault in cars, this fault is always related to the cranking circuit; it happens when the starter kit battery and the connected cables are not in synergy with other connected components. In this case, you will find out that when breakdown like this happens car owners tend to apply an external force to the car to see if it could pick up. Normally, the ignition switch, the starter relays, and the theft-deterrent system are major contributors in any vehicle starting system so whatever should be done to remedy the situation should be concentrated on those parts, but from experience, the battery and the starter is a sure place to start.  

In this case, we test the battery for the strength of the battery voltage using a specially designed battery test equipment. Because the car battery plays an important role while starting the car though sometimes some experts mistake it with a fuel pump problem. Here in Grid Motors, we apply advanced equipment on the battery section to power up the ECM which in the process can result in a spark thus, making triggering the engine to crank, in most cases, we also check for proper load testing, dynamic and proper voltage. Dynamic testing has to do with monitoring the car starter and the battery voltage while it cranks. Also with our equipment, we inspect the circuit of the battery section because most of the time there might be a case of short-circuit in the battery section. The point is, sometimes some imports need 11 volts before the ECU picks up. But at the end Grid Motors got you covered, we check every No Start possibilities including the low fuel pump and lack of fuel delivery which has a high possibility of causing such a problem. 

Vehicle ECU Tuning 

We have the best engineers to handle your Engine Control Unit (ECU) jobs, ECUs works with the brain of the engine, it is in charge of deciding the quality of fuel and air to mix, ignite or squirt into the car cylinder. The point is, there is a difference in the way petrol and diesel engines work, and the job of the ECU is to control the turbo in both engines by boosting it. For us here at Grid Motors, we have stand-by professionals ready to fix this problem by changing the ECU parameters (that is if it has been remapped), thus giving you more performance. 

To go through this procedure, we will have to first run a diagnosis on the vehicle port and reflash its software with the help of our special equipment. Because the process requires we use special software and specific tools, it won’t take much time if it had been the old manual process, it takes us 1 hour (maximum) to get over this process. 

In Grid Motors, we have more than one way of solving a problem, we know just another way of fixing Vehicle ECU Tuning. We always advise our clients to go for a custom remap, but it comes with an extra cost though. To do this, we connect the car to a laptop but unlike the normal process of uploading a one-size-fit-all kind of remap, we alter the car’s parameters by combining the dynamometer with runs. That way, both the car performance and it’s fueling is constantly tweaked and checked through the rev range. 

Dyno Runs 

Do you want your car to run on a special measuring tool right from the engine? Do you wish your car to run on a Dyno? Then you have come to the right place. We have the right tool and equipment needed to get your car working with a dynamometer (Dyno). Dynamometer comes in different types, the ones found in cars are often called a “chassis dynamometer” though some mechanics do refer to it as a rolling road. But you must note that Dyno can be used during or while performing the ECU mapping. 

Because we are all about cars, we have arrays of chassis dynamometers in stock, some of them include hydraulic dynamometers, transmission dynamometers, and inertia dynos. Hydraulic dynos are mostly the most recommended because their readings are usually very accurate, though they are more expensive than others. But note that all chassis dynamometers are liable to be used as dyno power runs, and diagnostics. You do not need to specify the kind of job we perform on your, rather we recommend you with one because in Grid Motors, it is all about cars.  

Remote Starter Installation 

We have encountered situations where car owners take up the task of fixing their remote starters. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but we must warn that remote starters must not be done by a less qualified technician, this is because this part of the car is a delicate one and must be treated which absolute carefulness, and this is where we come in. Grid Motors is an ideal company when it comes to installing the best Remote Starters, we understand the technicalities and gimmicks of the job coupled with the right term of experts that can get the job gone. Remote starters vary, as the car model differs, so is the starter. 

As car starters differ, so is their installation. We will like to advise our clients to ignore those instructions found on many DIY websites, that doesn’t mean that those instructions are not valid but sometimes they may not match the particular Remote Starter in use. In as much as an individual can comfortably install a remote starter, we strongly advise that you seek the services of a professional installer (which is why we are here in the first place). We have installed hundreds of remote controllers of all types and models and can out rightly recommend the best model/product for your car; more reason to check up on us!  

Module Soldering Repair 

Having the best skill plays a lot of roles here, and nobody does it better when it comes to module soldering repair. Here in Grid Motors, we have best-skilled hands in the field of module soldering and have never proved us wrong in this claim. In a situation where module soldering is required, we go as far as removing the skirt connected to the panel and kick plate itself. Module Soldering just like Dyno Runs requires the services of an expert who knows the rudiments of the job and Grid Motors is never in short of skills required in carrying out that task. We have all it takes to perform on world-class module soldering tasks including all the necessary tools required – both basic and advanced e.g. multicore solder, solder wick, pair of tweezers, e.t.c. 

Flashing Control Modules 

Though some will claim they do not need to be a computer wizard to handle this task, we tell you that you need the right people to help you carry out this task. It requires the necessary tools including access to all the OEM software upgrades. We will also warn that this requires someone with a lot of experience in the job, and there is where Grid Motors should take over. We perform Flashing Control Modules using a complex and entirely different new method which is, easier and quicker, unlike the ones done using old software patterns. Before we go on to flash a program, a PCM or any other module, one needs to first determine whether the software being used in the module is up to date. And just like always we at Grid Motors got you covered in that aspect.  

While on the job, our software includes useful information on how you can manage communication that comes from other onboard modules like stability control system, climate control system, body controller, keyless entry, e.t.c. individuals must also understand that they cannot just change a PCM from one vehicle and fix it to the other expecting it to fit in perfectly. In a situation where the VIN in a PCM isn’t the same with the one on the vehicle, it may end up complicating the scan tool diagnostic process, as well as some future software updates. This is one of the many reasons why you need to let us do the job. That’s why in the process of replacing the PCMs, you need the flash programmed with the right and most recent information.  

Module Board Repair 

If the model board in cars malfunctions, it can as well affect other sections of the car and can course noise in the engine. While trying to start a repair on this section of the care you must be able to at least perform some level of diagnosis on the vehicle to ascertain whether it is truly a fault from the Module Board before a repair can take place. In Grid Motors, we have in our procession all the necessary tools required to perform and a complete test on a car including its Module Board. That way, we won’t be able to be guessing whether it truly a fault from the Module Board. There is no need to worry about the process, our well-trained engineers are always there to ensure the smooth process of things. 


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